Lauren Baker

Lauren is a ceramicist based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, creating playful, functional items for your home. Originally trained in textile design, specialising in printed surfaces and pattern, Lauren began her making journey after joining a weekend ceramics group five years ago, where she turned her attention to the surfaces of her pottery. Using carefully coloured liquid earthernware clay called slip, Lauren splashes and pours the rainbow slips into plaster moulds to create clean-lined ceramics in hap-hazard patterns. The process is an exercise in control, with no guarantee on how the colours used will interact with each other.  The result is always unique, as no piece can ever be exactly re-produced, and the colourways used change regularly. Inspired by her love of cartoons, illustration, pop culture and anything garish and gaudy, Lauren enjoys the contrast between the chaotic and messy patterning, and the simple shapes of the pieces. The intention is to create something joyful and fun, that can be used to brighten every day.


Pink Splatter
Various sizes