Past Exhibitions 2017

10 February - 15 March 2017
Paola Ciarska
Coming Along Nicely

Paola Ciarska revels, excites and rejoices in the unrestrained potential of imagination. Each miniature painting stars a solitary figure, often wielding a selfie-stick, living out a virtual fantasy from the comfort of her living room (or sometimes the kitchen bench). 

10 February - 15 March 2017
Japanese Woodblock Prints

Alongside Paola Ciarska’s exhibition, ‘Coming Along Nicely’, Gallagher & Turner will be showing a selection of Japanese woodblock prints. Produced in books, scrolls or as loose sheets, woodblock prints were made and circulated widely throughout Japanese society from the early 1600s right through until the 20th century.

17 March - 22 April 2017
Dale Atkinson

Dale Atkinson is by most definitions of the term a 'narrative artist', but not a particularly obvious one and certainly not a ‘start to finish’ one. Drawn primarily to the human figure as both subject and vehicle, his paintings and drawings rely upon the dynamo of suggestion to move them forward. 

28 April - 31 May 2017
Peter Quinn RWS
Here and There

Bright colour, a sense of place, and an enjoyment of paint are all hallmarks of Peter Quinn’s work. The scenes he depicts have a life, a vitality about them. They demonstrate a confident draughtsmanship and an eye for details that capture the spirit of a place so completely.