Auguste Rodin

Auguste Rodin, born in Paris on 12 November 1840, was a sculptor whose work had a huge influence on modern art. Developing his creative talents during his teens, Rodin later worked in the decorative arts for nearly two decades. He eventually sculpted the controversial piece "The Vanquished" (renamed "The Age of Bronze"), exhibited in 1877. Among Rodin's most lauded works is "The Gates of Hell," a monument of various sculpted figures that includes "The Thinker" (1880) and "The Kiss" (1882). Rodin didn't live to finish the intricate piece; he died on November 17, 1917, in Meudon, France.

Rodin was a prolific draughtsman, producing some 10,000 drawings in his lifetime. His drawings were seldom used as studies for his sculpture, rather a practice that developed in tandem with his work as a sculptor. As the sculptor himself said at the end of his life, “It’s very simple. My drawings are the key to my work.”

Figure Feminine
Pochoir produced after the watercolour, from an edition of 300 published by Rombaldi, Paris, for the rare 'La Varende' portfolio.

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