Tuscan Field

Tuscan Field


Barbara Rae RA, RSA
Tuscan Field
Carborundum, edition 21/30
26.8 x 29.7cm (image)

The print is signed and numbered by the artist, and framed in solid oak.

The RA has described Barbara Rae's works as 'intense colour bursts that evoke dramatic landscapes but remain resolutely abstract', which 'distil the colour, light and forms of nature into dazzling visions'. The bright colours of her paintings and prints diverge from the darker tones typical of Scottish art.
Subject matter for her prints tend to the socio-political, her main interest in whatever has been shaped by the hand of man or woman, and weathered by age: an old Irish farmhouse, a door or fence gate, an ancient standing stone, a terrace of vines, with more of an interest in the culture than the topography of locations.

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