Black and White

Black and White


Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015)
Black and White, 1958
Lithograph, produced for ‘Derriere le Miroir’ no.110 by Galerie Maeght
55.9 x 38.1 cm (image)

This print is from Derriere Le Miroir no.110, published in conjunction with Kelly’s first one-man show show at Galerie Maeght, Paris. The installment of Derriere le miroir effectively represents Kelly's first color printmaking activity and reflects a return to color in the artist's paintings of late 1958 - 1959, after a period of predominantly black and white work. The imagery Kelly provided for the issue relates to the geometric and organic figure - ground paintings of 1954-58.This print is based on the painting "Cowboy", 1958 (EK No.145) and derived from the two collages and ink drawing of 1958 (EK No.58.42-44).
Ellsworth Kelly was a widely influential force in the post-war art world. He first rose to critical acclaim in the 1950s with his bright, multi-paneled and largely monochromatic canvases. Maintaining a persistent focus on the dynamic relationships between shape, form and color, Kelly was one of the first artists to create irregularly shaped canvases. His subsequent layered reliefs, flat sculptures, and line drawings further challenged viewers' conceptions of space. While not adhering to any one artistic movement, Kelly vitally influenced the development of Minimalism, Hard-edge painting, Color Field, and Pop art.

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