Cat and Goldfish Bowl

SQUARE SHOSON, Cat and Goldfish Bowl, 1933.jpg
SQUARE SHOSON, Cat and Goldfish Bowl, 1933.jpg

Cat and Goldfish Bowl

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Shoson (1874 - 1944)
Cat and Goldfish Bowl, 1933
37 x 23cm (image)
56 x 42cm (frame)

Fine printing in good condition with strong, bright colours. The work is framed in a thin, black gloss frame. The price also includes professional packing and recorded delivery at £25.00. To ask about collecting this artwork to save on postage costs, please contact us on 0191 261 4465 or

Terrific image of a cat intently watching goldfish swimming in a glass bowl, waiting for the opportunity to pounce. A small fishing net lies on the wooden surface of the table nest to a low ceramic planter filled with water, rocks, and grasses. Beautifully colored with soft shading in the water and the background, and fine detail in the cat's fur, the wood grain, and the fine reed blind hanging at right. A great design, nicely composed.

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