Mountain Path Under a Full Moon

Mountain Path Under a Full Moon


Shin-hanga artist (20th Century)
Mountain Path Under a Full Moon
Tanzaku Woodblock, 20th Century
5.1 x 23.5cm (image)

This work comes professionally mounted by Gallagher & Turner. The price also includes professional packing and recorded delivery at £10.00. To ask about collecting this artwork, please contact us on 0191 261 4465.

A beautiful, original Meiji-era print, this work had been kept by the daughter of a Boston, USA, gallery that was open from the mid-1920s until it went out of business in 1933 during the Great Depression, and had been safely stored for over 75 years.
Tanzaku or “poem slip” prints are narrow, vertical format woodblocks with a printed verse or space to write a poem. These prints typically feature beautiful landscapes or peaceful nature subjects. This form dates back hundreds of years, and is still in use today, with tanazaku decorating bamboo branches for the annual Tanabata Festival. Original shin-hanga tanzaku prints are incredibly rare, so this work is an excellent find!

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