Pheasant Surimono

Pheasant Surimono


Hokkei (1780 - 1850)
Surimono Woodblock
21.2 x 18.4cm (image)

Fine printing in good condition with strong colours. There is a small wormhole on the bird’s head which has been repaired. The work is mounted, ready for framing. The price also includes professional packing and recorded delivery at £15.00. To ask about collecting this artwork to save on postage costs, please contact us on 0191 261 4465 or

Terrific image of a large male pheasant with a beautifully dynamic body shape. His bright plumage stands against a spray of grasses and delicately embossed flowers, which lay behind him. A top border features images of the takaramono, or precious things, such as a magic hat and magic wallet. The calligraphy around the bird offers a lovely poem. The artist Hokkei specialised in Surimono prints.
Surimono were a subcategory of Japanese Woodblock Prints, commissioned by poetry clubs to distribute to a small audience of members, usually as New Year’s greetings, and were made with lavish printing techniques. Because they were not sold commercially, the print runs were small and Surimono are often incredibly rare in the market today.

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