The Heroine Yugiri

The Heroine Yugiri


Shima Seien (1892 - 1970)
The Heroine Yugiri (The Courtesan Returned as a Ghost), 1923
Woodblock, first edition from 'The Complete Works of Chikamatsu Manzaemon'
39 x 27.5cm (image)
57 x 45cm (frame)

The ghostly Yugiri from the play 'Yugiri Awa no Naruto.' The beautiful young courtesan has returned as a spirit to haunt those responsible for her death. Her hair is piled high in an elegant style with many hairpins, tied with a lavender sash that trails alongside her face. She peers sideways over her shoulder, looking suspiciously out of the corners of her eyes, her mouth slightly open. Beautifully drawn with soft, watercolour-like tones and fine bokashi shading. A terrific, eerie and expressive portrait from the series.

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