Silver Song

Silver Song


Malory Maki
Silver Song
Acrylic, silver leaf and varnish on wooden panel
40 x 40cm (Image)

Originally from Nottingham, Malory moved to the North East of England to study fine art and has since called Newcastle her home. Over the years she has developed a working process based on mark-making techniques which eventually became her own private alphabet. Using drips, scratches and smears, she uses these marks to make a visual statement.

Her works walk the line between abstraction and landscape painting, their swirling marks pulling out the rich colours, reflective surfaces and sweeping forms of the landscape. Many of them incorporate silver leaf, pressed into the paintings’ surfaces and scrubbed back again, providing a glimmering texture that adapts to its setting.

Maki has exhibited across the UK, France & the Netherlands and sold throughout the world.

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