Mick Manning

Mick Manning was born in 1959 and grew up in Haworth, Yorkshire. He attended Bradford College of Art and the University of Northumbria before going to the Royal College of Art. He later taught in the University of Northumbria before becoming Course Leader in Illustration at The Glasgow School of Art, a course that he devised and ran from 1990 to 1998 and where his alumni included Mark Hearld.

Mick is married to the painter Brita Granström and lives between Sweden and the Scottish Borders where wildlife encounters, fishing trips and chance finds inform his work. Recent work features varying themes represented by animal forms printed onto assorted papers; from 1940s era forms rescued from a Lapland hunter’s cabin, to old maps and sea charts, blending the narrative and factual influences in his work.

These works are created using a Pochoir stencilling technique. Whilst often in variable editions, each piece could really be termed a one-off as it does not go through any sort of press but is made by the artist’s hand, using hand cut stencils and stipple application. Some works are unique works of art, others are small ‘variable editions’. Any variation from piece to piece is deliberate and intrinsic to the work. Any edition number refers to the number of unique paintings made before the fragile stencil was destroyed, during the wear and tear of the process. 

Exhibitions at Gallagher & Turner:
Summer Exhibition
13th July - 10th September 2016

5th July - 17th August 2019

Whooper Swans and Zostera
Unique pochoir stencil on paper
62 x 36cm

Available works:

Pieces may be available on request, please contact us for more information.