Burton House - Harry Bell

Burton House - Harry Bell


Harry Bell
Burton House
Acrylic on board
25 x 25 cm

“The majority of my work is derived from the urban environment. Initially, I was attracted to the play of light on buildings and made paintings based on strong abstract compositions. This interest continues, while travels abroad have strengthened my use of brighter colour. A change of home studio and a need for change of approach have led to a move from oil paint to acrylic and mixed media in the last two or three years. Although I draw and paint from the subject, I am primarily a studio-based artist and most of my work comes from my own photographs. These I manipulate to a greater or lesser extent, by cropping, photocopying, collage and computer program. Drawing is often an intermediate stage, so that the final painting can be produced from aspects of several processes. Photographic likeness is not an aim.”

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