Freudian Part Two - Beth J Ross

Freudian Part Two - Beth J Ross


Beth J Ross
Freudian Part Two
Acrylic on canvas
51 x 76cm (Image)

“My work is often a commentary on the themes of memory, motherhood, home, and shared histories. Each body of work starts with time spent analysing and thinking through ideas, over and over again, until a pattern or concept emerges. A lot of work I do whilst walking before making anything concrete. In the past, I have used photography, print, soft sculpture and light. I am currently working with acrylic paint on canvas. Following a 20 year teaching career, I studied Fine Art at Newcastle College. In 2015, with my family, I moved to Vienna. There I worked with an artists collective for two years, running an offspace gallery, as well as developing my own practice. I also taught art at an international school. I moved back to the North East in August and am part of The Newbridge Project in Newcastle, and have a studio at The Bank in North Shields.”

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