Further Than This - Laura Lawson

Further Than This - Laura Lawson


Laura Lawson
Further Than This
Oil on canvas
76 x 60 cm

“Laura Lawson is a contemporary painter and poet who lives on the Northumberland coast. Her paintings draw influence from the remote terrain of the North where she grew up and the Outer Hebrides where her family descends from. As a child she spent many days and hours exploring the coastline and developing a direct relationship with ever changing extremities that coastal living in the north comes with. This led her to be interested in how the land that we live on ever moves and shifts. Capturing the intangible in her paintings has become a lifelong dedication. Laura loves the medium of paint, mixing brush and palette knife to create deep exaggerated earthy tones, layering the paint over and over as she seeks to capture and share her deeply emotional responses always inviting the viewer to make their own connections to the land and sea.”

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