Oil Seed Rape - Maria Laffey

Oil Seed Rape - Maria Laffey


Maria Laffey
Oil Seed Rape
Oil on canvas
28 x 36 cm

“I used to be a maritime lawyer but now I am a painter! I have chosen to sacrifice the rewards of legal practice for the joys of a new creative path. The sacrifice was worth it. I paint a diverse mix of subjects in oils and watercolour- both en plain air and in the studio - whatever excites or interests me: donkeys playing with a Wellington boot; the capybaras at Kirkley Hall zoo; a pop-up fish stall on Dungeness beach and the abandoned VTS Humber tower on Spurn Point.
Currently I am working on a series of maritime paintings based on my East coastal travels from the Farne Islands down to Dungeness. I am delighted by my newly acquired plein air kit and am relishing spending my summer in the field rather than behind a desk. The paintings I have chosen to submit comprise 3 oil paintings. Rape fields under the stormy skies of the Tyne Valley, the beach chalets up at Newton by the Sea and a painting of my favourite little bakery in town.”

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