Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Theresa Poulton

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back - Theresa Poulton


Theresa Poulton
Two Steps Forward, One Step Back
Acrylic and pencil on paper
74 x 29 cm

“I am a hard-edged, abstract, geometric painter. I create illusory environments of contrasting colour, distorted perspective, line, shape and form, exaggerating the sense of depth and space.
My mixed media, polychromatic paintings, sit within the traditions of wall based painting and 'painting in the expanded field'.

The colours in my works are not meant to represent anything, my paintings are a fantastical journey, however in my text based works the words, besides their literal meaning, are personal to me.
My route to hard edged geometric abstraction, seems to stem from an early life of chaotic personal circumstances. The precision I achieve is a reflection of my desire to bring order to my world, yet abstract expressive elements within the geometric forms recognise the ambivalence between the desire to feel free of the rigour of my process.

Recent works have evloved out of my practice as a community artist working with Arabic speaking Syrian and Sudanese refugees currently living in the North East of England. The works are a repsonse to their situation - religious intolerance. These cross-cultural, text based works, are intended as a form of communication; a reaction to the plight of misplaced people of Muslim origin.”

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