5 January - 6 February 2016
Mixed Gallery Artists
Norman Ackroyd, James Williamson Bell, Norman Cornish MBE,
Japanese Woodblock Prints, David Mayne and Ray Richardson

For over 25 years Gallagher & Turner have worked with and exhibited some of the biggest names in modern and contemporary British art. This selling exhibition brings together highlights from past shows with works never before seen in the Gallery.

13 February - 15 April 2016
Brita Granström
Love Letters

In Granström's vibrant canvases, the energy of nature finds its equivalence in sweeps and scribbles of paint, shapes and colours, which together encompass a myriad of expressions.

8 April - 11 May 2016
David Hockney RA
Six Tales from The Brothers Grimm, and other works

When selecting from over 200 stories collected by the Brothers Grimm, Hockney was drawn to what he described as the ‘psychological strangeness’ of the tales. They allowed him to explore the relationships and motivations of the characters, and presented the challenge of depicting the supernatural and surreal. 

13 May - 4 June 2016
Ørnulf Opdahl
Towards the Light

Ørnulf Opdahl lives on the island of Godøy, on the sub-arctic west coast of Norway. He knows the landscape inside out. He also knows the blizzards, the avalanches and the drownings at sea. Above all he knows the light, and often the darkness.

Three Spanish Masters

This exhibition brings together a collection of late prints by three of Spain’s most important artists: Pablo Picasso (1881 – 1973), Joan Miro (1893 – 1983) and Salvador Dalí (1904 – 1989). While these artists are more often remembered as painters, all three were prolific printmakers.

13 July - 10 September 2016
Summer Exhibition
Alfons Bytautas RSA, Norman Cornish MBE, Debbie George,
Brita Granström, Mick Manning, Peter Quinn RWS and Ray Richardson

Each of the artists in this exhibition strives to capture a sense of time and place in their own distinctive way. Some construct engaging narratives, or use carefully selected objects and compositions. Others immerse themselves fully in the culture of their surroundings.

16 September - 15 October 2016
Craigie Aitchison and Anthony Frost
Screenprints and Monotypes

Craigie Aitchison and Anthony Frost are united by their love of intense, pure colour. Both prolific printmakers, screenprinting suits their use of recurring motifs, which play an important role in the work of both artists.

22 October - 19 November 2016
Richard Hobson (1945 - 2004)
The North East's Changing Industrial Landscape

The work of Richard Hobson buzzes with the intensity and vibrancy of an artist completely absorbed in their location. Soaring ships in Tyneside dockyards, rugged, industrial Northumbrian landscapes and excited Cullercoats day-trippers were all regular subjects.

25 November 2016 - 4 February 2017
Norman Cornish MBE (1919 - 2014)
Cornish on Tyneside

‘Cornish on Tyneside’ features paintings, watercolours and drawings, many previously unseen, from the artist’s estate. The exhibition includes grand scenes of the River Tyne, detailed studies of Newcastle’s buildings, and energetic portraits in local pubs.