Omnia Vincit Amor

Omnia Vincit Amor


Peter Furlonger
Omnia Vincit Amor
Studio Glass Goblet, Blue Stem
Potter Morgan Glass Goblet Vase, Designed by the engraver
"Omnia Vincit Amor” - Love conquers all, from Virgil
17.5cm Height

The art of calligraphy is transformed into a dynamic abstract form when Peter Furlonger applies it to sculptural glass. His exceptional work involves engraving textured lettering onto three-dimensional glass using a sand-blasting technique.

Work by Furlonger is highly sought after by collectors and is held in the Victoria & Albert Museum, the National Museum of Scotland, Sunderland Museum & Winter Gardens, and North Lands Creative Glass, Caithness and by the British Glass Foundation.

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