Bespoke framing by Gallagher & Turner

Bespoke framing by Gallagher & Turner


Real, professional framers are hard to find; framers like us, with a genuine understanding of appropriate presentation, conservation practice and the need for real works of art to stand out for themselves in a well considered and made setting, as well as the real expertise required for handling and manufacture.  

At Gallagher & Turner contemporary or classic artworks, textiles or artefacts of any size, a snapshot or a postcard can be framed in a wide selection of styles (some of which are exclusive in-house designs and finishes) with meticulous care and attention to detail. We make frames for all kinds of clients, including art galleries, museums and universities as well as working with interior designers, collectors, artists and photographers.  Many of our clients are happy to have had Paul make frames for them for over 20 years but we also welcome those people who've never been to a bespoke framer before: we make plenty of time to talk things through without obligation.

There are many choices and variations to suit personal tastes and budgets (well over 250 moulding styles); but we are here to offer advice and not to make rules or decide for you (unless, of course, you ask us to!).  With our workshop and showroom based in the centre of Newcastle we are very easy to locate and you can drive right to our door. It is a good idea to let us know when you wish to visit (that way we can allow the time you need for your consultation) but not essential. 

Prices are variable depending on choice of moulding, type of glass, mounting etc, but everyone likes a vague notion of what to expect to get a picture framed properly. We can frame a poster from around £60, a medium sized watercolour can look fabulous for about £160.  You can easily spend less, and you could also spend more, but be comforted that the price includes tax, picture hooks, etc.

We feel fortunate in saying in all 25 years we cannot remember a time when we were not busy, so if you are in a rush let us know, we have been known to frame pictures the same day, but we will probably say 3-4 weeks. 

We use couriers to collect and deliver within the Tyne & Wear, Tyne Valley area if you require this service.

Please note, however, we can not insure items in transit.

Call us on 0191 2614465.  we are usually closed for Easter, Christmas holidays and in August.