There may be some things you need to know about our customer policy.
We list the main points of our Terms and Conditions for you below:

A request, either verbally or otherwise, by the Customer (The Buyer) to Gallagher & Turner to carry out supply of goods or services constitutes acceptance by the Customer of, and agreement to, the following terms:

1. Quotations:  we are happy to supply a quotation for any service we have been asked to provide, which will remain valid for one calendar month from the date suplied, unless otherwise specified, and the Customer will have up until it's expiry to agree to the service and price offered. If we are requested to visit the Customer in order to provide an estimate of work, then this will carry a separate charge, which we will deduct from any subsequent agreed order for goods or services relating to that visit.  This cost amounts to an average of £80, but can vary. Where a price is calculated, or work is carried out on the basis of any measurements or drawings supplied by the Customer which prove to be innaccurate or in error, then the Customer will be expected to bear any additional costs involved

2. Purchase Order: The purchase order is representative of the framework of a verbal agreement between the Customer and Gallagher & Turner.  It is the Customer's responsibility to collect their purchase order when arranging supply of goods or services from Gallagher & Turner and this should carry acknowledgement of and information or notes about items left in our care regarding work to be done, extra responsibilities such as purchase of insurance (SEE BELOW) and payment methods (SEE BELOW), as well as contact details for both parties (where we say this we mean the Customer and Gallagher & Turner).  It is the Customers responsibility to confirm that all required details are correct on the purchase order and to state clearly upon placing an order if the Customer does not accept our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to make changes to the price agreed on the purchase order should additional goods or services be ordered at a later date which relate to the items listed on that purchase order .  This situation may arise due to problems with suppliers (SEE BELOW), or agreed changes made between the Customer and ourselves which relate to the service offered.  

3. Completion Dates: Where possible we endeavour to keep to the time agreed for completion of an order, however, we cannot take responsibility for factors which we cannot predict or which are outside our control.   This would include problems with suppliers upon whom we depend to supply stock, with illness, or with premises maintenance or access problems, but is not solely restricted to those problems. 

3. Collection and Delivery:  Unless specifically agreed beforehand, we do not generally deliver Customer orders.  The price agreed will normally be for collection from either our gallery at 30 St Mary's Place, or our workshop at Birtley Business Centre.  We can arrange delivery, however, and will happily quote a separate price for this.

4. Installation: Gallagher & Turner are happy to provide an installation service for artworks at additional cost to any framing service offered.  A quotation for installation, unless otherwise specifically stated, will be based upon the time taken and number of people required to carry out the work solely relating to the items on the quotation itself and no other item discussed later whilst on site, in addition to any specially required hardware such as security fixing sets.  We would expect any movement of furniture or equipment, wall finishing such as painting or filling, cleaning of the area, heavy lifting equipment, scaffolding requirement and the provision of an accessible supply of power to be the responsibility of the Customer.

5. Payment: It is usually our policy to ask for a deposit of 30 to 50% of the order value on receipt of the order (and this request is at our discretion), for which we will provide a receipt. Payment of the full balance can be made by the Customer by credit or debit card, or with cash, or a cheque supported with a bank card on collection or delivery.  Credit terms of strictly 30 days may be given by prior arrangement with Gallagher & Turner.  Title in any goods supplied by Gallagher & Turner will not pass to the Customer until they have been paid for in full, and Gallagher & Turner withhold the right to reclaim or repossess any goods supplied by themselves, or to enforce our legal rights to recovery of any unpaid sums and ensuing legal expenses in the event of a failure to comply with our terms of payment; during which entire process title to the goods will remain with Gallagher & Turner.

6. Insurance: Whilst we are aware of the need for care and attention to safeguarding the Customer's property, Gallagher & Turner will only accept items on the mutual agreement and understanding that the Customer will take full responsibility for the insurance against fire or theft or accidental damage of any item or artwork left in our care.  We can provide a quotation for fire and theft (outside working hours) insurance if required, however a recent valuation acceptable to our Insurance Broker must be available in order for us to do this.

7. Materials: The materials used by Gallagher & Turner are supplied to the Customer in good faith of their merchantable quality and fitness for the purpose. Natural products such as wood may vary in colour, and are liable to movement and the innate qualities of natural products must be considered by the Customer upon agreement to purchase them.  Gallagher & Turner will endeavour to provide a high quality product which we expect to last, however there must always be a balance between the appropriate construction or use of materials and the environment in which they are eventually stored.  Whilst we cannot take responsibility for the conditions in which the Customer will eventually house the frame or the item we may have encased or worked upon, we will act fairly in guaranteeing our work against timber or adhesive movement or changes up to a year from collection or delivery.  We will not accept responsibility for any faults or deterioration of factory finished products (products finished by a supplier) beyond six months, but we are always open to negotiation on this.

8. Special offers and discounts: Occasionally Gallagher & Turner will run special offers and discounts on bespoke framing orders. Excluded from these promotions are any materials which need to be specially sourced from suppliers we do not currently use, materials or components which are made-to-order specifically for us. These exclusions include, but are not limited to non-standard mount boards, hand-finished mouldings or gilding work.

Essentially we reserve the right to treat any case of complaint on an individual basis, whilst being under no obligation and being fully aware of the Customers rights under the legislation governing the supply and sale of goods and services.

In the event of any dispute over the above terms, or Force Majeure, Gallagher & Turner ultimately withhold the right to suspend or cancel any agreements to carry out supplies of goods or services, and refund any sums paid out, or alternatively to recover costs where items have been purchased on a Customer's behalf.

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