Frame Restoration & Gilding

At Gallagher & Turner we also restore damaged frames; including replacing or mending lost or broken areas and either completely re-gilding or gently toning in to the existing finish.

Gilding can be real silver or gold leaf, which varies in tone, or a similar effect can be achieved with metal leaf, which can range in finish from bright metal to a dull distressed tone.  Gilding with 'bronze' powders can be an option, often a softer gold finish with a more 'broken' surface and a dusting of rottenstone powder; but it can also be made beautifully rich with a good burnish.

When a frame is past restoration, or if it proves too costly, we can often replace frames with something similar in period or style.  We supply new hand made and finished 'swept' style frames to order with the same variation in finishes.

We are happy to discuss the various options available, and give advice about what is possible, either for a frame repair or a gilt frame, please contact us on 01912614465 to make an appointment to discuss your project.