Peter Farr, Bus Stop: New Romney, Tempera on board


Common Language brings together the work of three artists whose work, whilst visually different, is united not only by their friendship, but by a sense of quiet removal and isolated practice. 

Peter Farr creates structural landscape paintings that show simple street furniture and industrial buildings in eerily quiet settings. Devoid of figures, these blue-skied landscapes have a somewhat eerie appearance, existing at the intersection between nature and human intervention. Rendered in traditional egg tempera, Farr’s paintings display an exquisite attention to detail and composition, restructuring his images from compound photographs and removing elements of the landscape to adjust our sense of place.

Jeb Loy Nichols, Cyclists (from The Bike Book), Linocut

Loraine Morley, Happy Days, mixed media

Whilst better known as a musician described as the ‘King of Country Cool’, Jeb Loy Nichols has always had a passion for painting and printmaking. The contemplative and painstaking nature of lino cut printing as a medium tends to suit Nichols’ solitary nature, spending his time between making art, books, and music. 13 records and 3 novels later, Nichols still swerves between printmaking and songwriting in the hills of rural mid-Wales, which he has made his home. Despite his quiet, rural life, Nichols has exhibited his prints across the world in cities including London, Tokyo, New York and Berlin.

Loraine Morley lives and works in Mid-Wales with a similarly quiet outlook, but uses her art to explore and give form to an obscure and turbulent inner landscape.  Central to this has been an investigative return to her past, attempting to identify 'the human wasteland'; the terrain of the broken, the lost, the ephemeral, the unwanted, the nameless.  As a bricoleur-artist, yesterday's newspapers, threadbare sheets and tattered copies of discarded novels have provided her with apt material for the attempt to reclaim something from the detritus.  Morley won the Wells Contemporary Art People’s Prize in 2013.

Peter Farr - Beachy Head.JPG
Peter Farr - Metro Bridge - Whitley Bay.jpg

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