Current Exhibitions

23rd November 2018 - 26th January 2019
Brita Granström
Behold, This Dreamer!

Brita Granström has been living on the Northumberland coast for over 20 years, but regularly spends the summer months at her lakeside studio in her native Sweden. Her wistful paintings reflect these contrasting habitats and, although at times celebratory, often hint at something more mysterious beneath the surface’s narrative... the exhibition’s title painting, with it’s figure lost in dreams, is suffused with metaphors that reference the writings of Walter de la Mare and yet also conjure the poetic spirit of William Blake.

Also on show are ceramics by Tamsyn Trevorrow, and glass works by Peter Furlonger.

Upcoming Exhibitions

31st January - 16th March 2019
Jill Campbell
Fell Abstractions

Jill Campbell’s expressive paintings are inspired by the striking landscapes of the North East. Almost every day, she walks through the ancient mining area of Cockfield Fell, absorbing the colours and textures that the landscape produces through changing light and weather.
Her abstracted paintings are a result of exploring the interplay between what is seen and what is felt about the landscape, combining recognisable outcrops of the land with a synesthetic relationship to colour and form. There is a clear fascination with the Fell’s strange, other-worldly yet natural shapes, defined by the morning shadows and framed by big dramatic skies. Its pools, pathways, mounds, dips and curves are her motifs, rendered through abstracted forms.


21st March - 27th April 2019
Ellsworth Kelly, Albert Irvin RA, Oliver Doe & Josh Raz

In Formations, two giants of 20th Century abstract painting, Ellsworth Kelly (1923-2015) and Albert Irvin (1922-2015), collide with the work of young Newcastle-based painters Oliver Doe and Josh Raz in an exciting trans-historical exhibition that will explore how we see the modern world through painting and printmaking. It will also explore the influence of modernism on contemporary art, and how elusive views of our world can be rendered through bold colour and dynamic forms.

More info coming soon…