Paul Gallagher

All landscape painting is to some extent about light and time.  Many artists will paint a scenic view without realising this, but for others, including Paul Gallagher, it is the very essence of their work.  The time of day, the light from a dampness or fog will create a transient effect that will only last five or ten minutes, but it is important for Paul to stop and absorb it.  A series of his paintings can be based on one location, but they are not about one specific view.  Consistent with his approach to his subject, he revises tenaciously, having left the painting and revisited it, ensuring that he captures what he saw.

Born in Jesmond in 1964, Paul Gallagher now lives in Chester le Street. The surrounding area of the beautiful River Wear, and Durham and Northumberland scenery provide constant inspiration. He has exhibited at Gallagher & Turner, Northumbria University Gallery, the Samling Foundation at Windermere, Washington Arts Centre, Darlington Art Gallery and Kings Place Gallery in London.

New Years Day, Before Sunrise
Mixed media on handmade paper
57.5 x 77.5cm

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