28 September - 17 November 2018
Tamsyn Trevorrow: Ceramics

Tamsyn Trevorrow’s ceramic work explores the world, the interaction between land and sea. She is fascinated by the ever changing landscape sculpted by the elements, which she captures through colour, form and texture. Born in such an amazing area as Cornwall, it would be hard not to be inspired by its beauty.

The world with its wealth of colour an endless energy, the movement of water obeys the same harmonics which conditions the growth of shells. The form of a shell or the curl of a wave, both hold within them the spiral - a symbol found throughout nature, representing movement and regeneration. This simple yet powerful movement flows within parts of Tamsyn’s work adding different dimensions, as does the blue and white to the otherwise rugged and weathered exterior.

She is also inspired by the Cornish mines, mine deposits, boat and shipwrecks found along the coast and their structural shapes, observing their texture and how the elements have weathered and corroded these materials over time.

Each piece is built by hand with a heavily grogged stoneware clay suitable for both inside and outside. Using mainly the coiling and slab process, most are then cut, reshaped and sculpted; adding and removing sections as the piece evolves. This results in a spontaneous and instinctive sculpture, which invites the eye to explore it from all angles, in, around and through.

The colours achieved are a result of using a variety of different slips and glazes that interact with one another, they are often then multi-fired, building up the textures. The final outcome gives the viewer many different qualities capturing aspects of the coastal environment - land and sea.

Top: Tall Vase, ceramic, approx 32cm (h)
Bottom: Turquoise small bowl, ceramic, approx. 12cm (w)

© Tamsyn Trevorrow
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